Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaning Sydney

Clean windows create a more welcoming and professional look for your home or business. From houses to office buildings, Total Clean handles all types of windows. Our team of expert professionals have years of experience, utilising specialised equipment for a pristine clean every time.

Give your windows the attention your home or business deserves.

Why have your windows professionally cleaned?

Clean windows make a world of difference to the feel and look of any building. More often than not, you don’t even notice how dirty they were until they have been cleaned by a professional. If you have a precious view, ensure you’re getting the absolute most out of your window positioning.

Window cleaning, when done well, free of streaks and marks, can be difficult. Additionally, it is a job that is potentially dangerous when reaching windows high or in hard to get to areas. Save yourself the time, stress and energy by having the experts take care of the task for you.

Window cleaning is a crucial component of building maintenance. It increases the life of your frames and glass by removing corrosive matter such as pollution, dust, mould, sea spray and mineral deposits found in tap water. These destructive pollutants are also a health hazard for you, your family, staff or anyone that frequents the building breathing in the materials.

Clean windows also allow more natural light to ensure your home or business lifting the mood of your family, colleagues or visitors.

Why choose Total Clean?

Total Clean handles all types of windows from houses, shop fronts, retail stores, offices, high rises and any other commercial structure.

When cleaning your home or office window, we use an ionic wash window cleaning system which means spotless, pristine glass surfaces every time. By using this cleaning system, the water is ultra-pure, filtering out all dissolved solutes that are in tap water which leave streaks and marks. It provides a superior clean without the use of chemicals and is subsequently friendly for the environment.

What is included?

Total Clean provides a complete window clean from top to bottom including washing, dusting, stain removal, interior and exterior window cleaning. The skilled window cleaners will start the job first by removing any cobwebs and clean the window frames, sills and ledges. Flyscreens can be cleaned if required also. Then the glass is cleaned externally and internally using our chemical-free window cleaning system and using soft squeegees.

The finished job is a glass that is left sparkling clean without streaks, stains and spots.

Give your windows the best clean they have ever had. Impress your neighbours, competitors and customers. For details, contact us today.