Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Sydney

Increase your financial reward by ensuring the maximum amount of sunlight hits your solar panel.

Your panels are constantly exposed to the elements. Dirt such as dust, bird droppings, grime, and sea-salt residue can all reduce the amount of power your solar panels produce. Furthermore, they reduce the lifespan of your solar panels.

The energy produced by your panels can be substantially increased when they are cleaned regularly. One study published found accumulated dust on the surface of the panel can reduce its efficiency by 35% (1) with another study reporting accumulation of dirt on the panel reduced performance by a massive 85% (2).

Clean panels are efficient panels.

Why call the professionals at Total Clean?

Rain isn’t an efficient cleaner. Just like the rain doesn’t clean your windows or car, it doesn’t clean your panels either.

Doing the job yourself also comes with potential safety concerns. A roof can become slippery when wet. Attempts to access your rooftop should be left to the experts who have the training and equipment needed.

Total Clean’s team use a purified water system for solar panel cleaning. Purified water is free from ions and organic matter which is found in tap water, leaving no residue or marks on the solar panel. Also, there is no residue to attract dirt. The panels remain cleaner for longer, giving you longer-lasting results.

You get a professional spot and streak-free finish and without harsh chemicals.

To get the full cost-saving benefit of solar power, ensure your panels are sparkling clean with Total Clean. Contact us today.