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Total Clean Pty LTd

At Total Clean, we understand the importance of providing a clean and well-maintained property for your customers to ensure they continue to come back.

Many Australians are feeling anxious about how to protect themselves and others against the virus during this COVID-19 pandemic. One of the key recommendations by public health authorities to control the transmission of COVID-19 is to practice good hygiene, and to clea and disinfect your environment.

Thus, it is important more than ever to provide your staff and customers with an environment that is sanitised and pristine, keeping the area spotless and feeling fresh. First impressions count. Let the expert team from Total Clean take care of your cleaning requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Total Clean has over 20 years of delivering exceptional commercial and residential cleaning services. Our team of cleaning professionals are highly knowledgeable in all cleaning practices, use quality products and modern equipment to clean your space fast and efficiently.

Feel assured knowing Total Clean is keeping up to date with the latest guidelines issued by the Australian Government and World Health Organisation on sanitisation and disinfection practices.

Our hospital grade disinfectant is an alcohol based solution with at least 70% alcohol. This disinfectant/sanitiser kills 99% of all known viruses and bacteria. Material data sheet will be provided for all chemicals used by Total Clean.

We deliver a cleaning plan that is consistent, thorough and high quality that enhances the value of your business. Choose our expert team to focus on your cleaning while you focus on running your business.


Our cleaning services can be conducted daily, fortnightly or monthly to ensure your property is a safe operating environment. Our cleaning services are workable and can be customised.


For more information to discuss how Total Clean can help you, please contact us today.