Office Cleaning


Give your office a clean, tidy and professional look with the team at Total Clean. Total Clean holds a long track record of providing exceptional service to all of our clients across Sydney. Our staff are trained experts in providing cleaning services for small and large offices, medical clinics, government facilities and more.

Benefits of hiring Total Clean

All workplaces are prone to dust build-up, germs, odours and grime. A dirty environment affects the health and performance of your staff. Put merely; messy workspaces make for messy minds. By keeping the workplace neat and hygienic, you are reducing employee sick days and are boosting productivity.

Furthermore, business appeal is critical to your clients and visitors. Appearances count. A spotless and fresh environment positions your business for success.

Don’t burden your staff with cleaning duties. Hire Total Clean, experts at providing a detailed and comprehensive clean, allowing you to spend time on running your business.

Services include:

-Mopping of hard flooring.
-Vacuuming and carpet cleaning.
-Sanitising office furniture.
-Wipe all hard surfaces.
-Streak free clean of windows and entrance glass doors.
-Common areas such as restrooms, kitchens and foyers disinfected and cleaned.
-Bins empties with new liners.

Whether you need office cleaners once, twice, weekly or even monthly, we’re here to make your office space stand out for the right reasons. Our services are tailored specifically to suit your office cleaning needs.

Contact us today, and we can discuss your requirements to give you a safe, and productive environment that will make you proud.